How To Run Apps on PC | Run Android Apps on Computer

It is a very common technique these days to run an Android app or game onto Computer in order to get the best performance of it. The reason is that a smartphone cannot do what a computer can. A computer have many advantages over the phone that makes it far more better than the phone. If you have any doubts, then let me clear it with this single statement. Its like a rule – No matter what era you reach, you cannot get an age where the Computer and smartphone can get equal. So, a Computer will always stay ahead than the same age  and prearranged smartphone and will run things far better.

There are may apps and specially games that lags even on highest end smartphones like latest S-series devices. The reason is that they are too high-end to be handled by those phones and needed to be run over Computers. Also, there are many thing that can’t run over Computers and needed to have even better and powerful Computers for them.

How To Run Apps on PC

To get the Complete experience of such apps and Games only, people use methods to run apps on PC. For the same reason, I want you to know that this is completely accurate theory and you can get the best experience of apps like WhatsApp and others using it. So, here is the main tutorial that can let you use it on your Computer.

The best thing to do is to use an Android emulator. If you do not know about this, let me tell you about this. The first and the foremost thing is that it was basically developer for Developers to give them a way to download and run their work without making it on other devices. This had saved their precious time and helped them in many ways.

Download Blustacks and install it. It is the most popular emulator and anyone can use it at free of cost. Go ahead and download it right now in order to run your favorite apps on PC. You will be amazed after seeing its true caliber and the way it works is super awesome. After installing it, you just have to search for apps inside it and after that you will be able to run it on your Computer.

How To Access Internet Privately using the best methods

Have you ever noticed the incognito or private window saying that this won’t gonna hide your info from your ISP ? Well, that is something alarming. May times, it gets necessary to have a private look over something, but you can easily get spied by your ISP anytime. That is the reason why I have come with this article. This will allow you to unblock the internet and use Facebook on restricted areas as well. There are many great things that one can doe from this entire idea including a having some private look ups over the restricted documents or files over the web.

But for most case, it can be used to access restricted sites from areas like School campuses and offices, where the people are not that much into things like that. The first thing to keep in your mind is that there are many people around here that can let you do this by giving access to their private servers, but you just cannot rely on them always.

How To Access Internet Privately using the best methods

So, that is why VPN is the best choice. It stands for Virtual Private Server and it lets you surf the web privately, without any sort of restrictions. Make sure to download a premium VPN because most of the free ones are just waste of time and needs many things to be used in a proper way. While VPN is something that can be used by anyone and its easy to do that.

You can use HMA VPN from the link I have shared above. It has been considered as the best from many experts and has a huge user base even after having a premium price. You can use the cheap one too and its unlimited !

The second option is proxy sites. Here are a list of proxy site that you can use to surf web privately. Just open any of these and start using the web now only.

Go Proxy –

Network Bypass –

Me Hide –

Proxy This –

PHP Proxy –

Xite Now –

4Ever Proxy –

KProxy Site –

Surf for Free –

Intern Cloud –

Pro Intern –

Singapore Proxy –

Work Host –

Travel VPN –

Fast Time –

Rexoss –

Hide IP Proxy –

Host App –

Proxy Pirate –

Pun Proxy –

Hide N Seek –

Orange Proxy –

Free Publick Proxy –

Push Proxy –

Cool Proxy –

Proxy Tube –

Free Open Proxy –

Hope Proxy –

Safe Proxy –

Private Surf –

Europe Proxy –

Stealth Proxy –

SSL Proxy –

Proxy Power –


How to Find the best Game for your phone ?

Its a bit complicated question that I get regularly from my readers. I though to create an article on this. So, her is the first article of this site and hopefully many more to come. I would like to tell you guys that this site is completely dedicated to Android games and Tech. And on a non-regular basis, we will going to post tricks and tips too.  So, stay tuned and better bookmark this page in order to get over here whenever you want. The first thing that I want to point out here is that, its you who have to play a game. And being that said, your choice and likes are necessary to determine the best game for you. There are hundreds of thousands of Android games available on the web, but not all have been recognized by people. We only know 10-50 games, but not all of them. You know the reason ?

How to Find the best Game for your phone ?

Despite of each’s choices, we all want a  quality thing. A game with better graphics, sound and story-line. You can get a complete idea about this by reading the reviews of it on the web. And also, it has many great advantages over the others that makes it better. The most downloaded apps are the best. I also need to add a thing here – that there are many more factors that determines an app’s or game’s true features and power. So, you need to look at all those things.


It is something that is obvious. You won’t gonna download a game for your phone that features crappy branding. With that only, anyone can realize that its not developed by genuine developers and its better to stay a mile away from it.

Other thing is that, other are many more factors, so its not necessary that only one single thing can decide this. I mean, even if the LOGO quality is good, it is not necessary that it will be a good APP. But yes, if it not, then stay away from it


Official play store page provides a bar that determines the ratings from the original and actual users of a particular game/app. You can see the best rated app at the front and most of the others at the back of the page

Using this, you can imagine the quality of a particular game and decide whether to download it or not. Again, many times it happens that the developers hire fake reviewers that results in huge misleading sometimes.


Here is the main thing. The best way to know about an app without downloading them is to read what the actual users say about it. Now, you may say that the play store page can have fake reviews, so there is a way to get genuine reviews. There are many forums like Yahoo answers and Quora, where you can ask about it and get genuine answers.